Thursday, 28 May 2009

Fr3e Tribal Skank.... Press Party

So after interviewing your boys Big Ven and Shaun White, collectively known as Fr3e on our show on Bang Radio, we thought it only right to make an appearance at their official V.I.P press launch party for the release of their hot tune...TRIBAL SKANK!!!!!

It was held at Volstead, a very plush venue in Mayfair, in the heart of London's West End. We saw a few familiar faces up in there..
Here's just one.... : )

Before Fr3e took to the stage, we were treated to performances from Micky Negro (rapping about ladies bum bums- sauucy), Dionne Reid (she was sensational) and Desperado, who performed his banger 'Roll Girl'... His singer has an AMAZING VOICE. We were left in total awe!!!

Fr3e ended the night with a very energetic and entertaining performance. They performed a couple of tracks, but ended on the catchiest of all...
THE TRIBAL SKANK!!!! They had everybody up and out of their seats to do the dance with them in the middle of the dance floor. Even those who didn't know how to tribal skank were trying a ting!!!! Sefa did rather well, but my heels proved a bit too high and I really struggled in keeping up to be quite honest!!! I think I may have pulled a muscle too- ouuuuch!!!!!! This was embarrasing especially after I smashed it at the bbq (see below)...

Anyhoo.... All in all it was a very fun night for your crazy chicks..... We hope the single does as well as it deserves too. It is available for digital download on 1st June people... Go and cop that!!!!!


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