Thursday, 22 April 2010

Princess Nyah catches up with your crazy girls

Tuesday's show was jam packed with fun, madness and lots of laughter. Not only did we get into our usual fun and frolics, including Think Fast and Brain Speed, we were also celebrating being single in the summer and letting you know why it's not all doom and gloom!

The show was super duper special because we were joined by the Queen's daughter, Princess Nyah. The lovely Nyah stopped by the BANG HQ for a quick catch up with your crazy girls. As always, she came looking like a star, rocking her gorgeous smile and her 'call me princess' tee from her Binghi's Boutique line, which you can check out here We had a good old chin wag about all of her latest shenanigans and future plans. In true Princess styleeeee, she came bearing gifts for the true fans. She gave away 2 of her tees from her clothing range and a handful of her albums. These prizes were given to two lucky winners who answered the competition question correctly. Shouts out to Rachel from Essex and Cheyenne from London!!! Wooop Woop!!

If you were unfortunate enough to miss our hot interview with the singer/ rapper/ clothing designer and business lady they call Princess Nyah... don't worry we're gonna post it up in a hot minute! On the show, we also played her follow up single to Hooligans, It's called 'Butterflies' and it has the Lynnike & Sefa stamp of approval for sho! Remember to support her third single, Hooligans, it was released on Monday 19th April and is available on Itunes.

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Blessings and kisses

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