Friday, 9 July 2010

Wiley sets the record straight on why he sacked his manager... Only with Lynnike & Sefa

Just yesterday, Wiley sacked his manager via Twitter and set tongues wagging (even the folk at The Sun newspaper wrote a piece on it) and today he began leaking all of his newly recorded music on the social networking site! Here are just some of his rants on Twitter over the course of the day....

And now the label wanna withdraw cos I sacked the manager that’s the nature of this game false alarm no deal

I would rather not do a deal with that manager he lies day and night about

I just want people to know I was on point and I was working that’s all music is my way of reaching out to the masses

With all this madness going on and so many unanswered questions, we thought it was only right we got the man of the moment on the phone during our show on BANG 103.6FM ( today. We quizzed him on everything, from his relationship with his manager, (or ex manager) John Woolf to his recent resignation from BBK and how he feels about Skepta. He also talked about future plans for new collective, A LIST- ft.J2K, Baby Blue, Shola Ama, Sadie Ama, Mz Bratt and more.

Here is some of what he had to say about John Wolfe, his ex manager...
'This person keeps burning the bottom of my foot and I don't know if he knows I'm gonna kill him soon...'
'I'm from the street, this manager aint. I will tell you the only option if I didn't do it via Twitter, I would have went to his house, kicked off his door and smashed up his stuff. This guy aint from the roads so it was the way I had to get him...
I'm so glad it got to The Sun, because he will know in the future not to mess with Wiley.'

On his resignation from Boy Betta Know (BBK)...
'Me and Skepta are a bit alike and we both wanna be the champ but BBK is more of a family thing.... I don't wanna bring my competitive bulls**t to that so I will step off. I will compete with Skepta in spirit.'

On the future...
'Maybe labels are sleeping on people like me. All I can do is be smart from 30-40 because once you get to 40, you aint really got many choices.'

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hard worker said...

just heard the interview well put up lynnike n sefa xx listen ive got a chairty event coming in late aug/sept working on my own projects wid he itv fixers its a charity 1 nuff artist are gonna be attending if ur interested too get ur name out there too the kids n lecturing them also heres my number remember its a charity thing so i cant pay out no budgets do it from the heart 07951700323 my numba x bless keep doin u

Julie Adenuga said...

Awesome interview.
Extremely phunny!!