Thursday, 5 August 2010

NEW Bow Wow movie!!!!

Happy August peeps!

We hope this month is treating you well so far! (Aside from the unpredicted August showers!?...)

So, after a disappointing experience at the cinema & wasting what seemed like half a day watching a film that is more confusing than all 3 Matrix's put together-'Inception'-I was left questioning if I would ever waste my £££ on a cinema ticket again! So I did a little research to see what films I could look forward to!
THANK GOD I found something that brought me back from the brink of writing off cinema's all together!

Its called 'Lottery Ticket' & it has a whole host of my fav people in it (Bow Wow, Ice Cube, Terry Crews, T-Pain, Mike Epps plus more!) & looks like it is set to be a stomach cruncher!
It's US release date is Aug 20th! Lets hope it comes to the UK cinema's too....God knows they need it!

The trailer alone will have you smirking! Gotta love black comedy!!


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