Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pariz1- What you must do.... UK stand up!!!!!!!

We first came across Pariz1 when we heard her on a track with Raw Smilez called 'Sometimes it's hard.' We fell in love with her vocals then and now we have heard this, we have fallen just that lil bit deeper. Raw talent... Loving it! She is a rapper & singer and as you will hear, she has maaaad skills. Fellas move the heck over... Ladies are up in this biaaaaatch!! Hopefully next time, Lynnike & Sefa can get a lil' cameo in the video ;)

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Remel London said...

I've seen her before... and heard her... I liked her style but honestly she was a bit scary... you know when some girls embrace that grime and hood genre a lil too much! but I guess he's being real... Go girl wid ya bad self! lol