Tuesday, 12 July 2011

50 Cent dumped by model girlfriend?

Fiddy has been dating LA model, Daphne Joy but was apparently dumped by the model for his lack of interest in trying to help her get her lucky break in acting.

According to MediaTakeout, one of Daphne's close friends has said that the reason for him getting his ass kicked to the roadside was because 50 has a CONTRACT with a production studio which allows him to CHOOSE actors and actresses in his movies. And Daphne figured that since she was bedding 50, he would cast her in all his movies. But 50s too much of a P-I-M-P to so something like that. When she learned that 50 was NOT willing to help out her acting career . .. she gave him the DUECES!

LMAO! Was she trying to punk 50 by using him or was she simply after a bit of support?

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