Friday, 11 January 2013

Beyonce sizzles on the cover of GQ mag- Feb 2013 issue

The internet was on fire this week with some seriously hot new pictures of Beyoncé from her spread in February's edition of GQ magazine. My Instagram and Twitter went a bit nuts with the images and it wasn't long before those Rihanna comparisons were made.... Borrrrriiiiiiinnnng!!! Can we not just least leave them to be two sexy women, existing together on the same planet? All the comparisons are dead now! They're both ridiculously hot and they both tore up their cover shoots. The end!

beyonce gq mag cover sexyrihanna gq mag cover beyonce

Have a peek at Beyoncé's GQ debut where she is crowned the first of their 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century- and rightly so. More pix will be unveiled next week...
Go Queen B!!! 

beyonce gq mag

beyonce in underwear gq mag
beyonce gq yellow underwear

Beyonce gq mag singing


Danielle Hay said...

I love your blog! I nominated you for the Leibster award check it out :D xxxxx

Neche said...

I am actually one of Beyonce's biggest fan's, I am actually also a rihanna navy but the thing is that When Riri did her cover she got so much controversy and she's only a 24 year old girl, while queen B is 31, married and has a son and poses in that and people call it sexy, I don't think it's fair, how no-one sees how this is just inappropriate for a mother, Do you get what I mean? *Kisses* Have a great day. I have a blog so maybe you can support me by following my blog too at I follow you.

Neche said...

Has a daughter*